At Empathy at Work, we use empathy education to strengthen workplaces and create safer, more enlightened environments for all to connect and collaborate.


Through the lens of empathy education, we guide companies, organizations, and their employees to better understand themselves and others. Our programming is structured to create safer spaces for people to connect and collaborate, as well as provide them with the awareness and tools to better navigate sociocultural situations in these settings and their everyday lives.


To transform workplace culture by empowering individuals to understand the world outside their own experiences -- teaching them to be better humans overall. 


Our work is defined by six fundamental values that encompass the whole of our identity and operations:

  • Empathy Education: We promote compassion by encouraging individuals to listen and learn from the experiences of others, in order to better understand their own emotions and motivation for their behaviors.

  • Diversity and Equity: We are committed to promoting and cultivating cultural parity and awareness and "holding space" for all. We prioritize these aspects as vital to all areas of our practice.

  • Knowledge: We shape our programming and practices from evidence-based information attained through our own education, research, and experiences.

  • Safer Spaces: We prioritize the development of spaces that make everyone feel safe, seen, and heard -- enabling all individuals to learn, heal, and reflect, achieve success, and live their best lives.

  • Shame- and Harm-Reduction: We support the reduction of shame and harm by helping individuals to lean into their vulnerability, embrace all areas of their intersectional identities, and identify any negative consequences associated with their behaviors.

  • Transparency: We enact change by fostering ethical and transparent environments for growth and understanding.


Jenn L. Pollitt, PhD


Dr. Jenn is a scholar, educator, researcher, and activist. She has developed programs and workshops for universities, community and non-profit organizations, and corporations. The overarching goal of her work is to help people find their own voices and join the discourse around civil rights, class systems, justice, and equality.


She is an alumna of Widener University where she earned a PhD in Human Sexuality Studies and Masters of Education. While there, she was inducted into Gamma Eta Rho, the National Honor Society in Human Sexuality.


Outside of her role with EAW, she teaches sexuality and gender courses in Temple University’s Sociology Department. In the Fall of 2019, she organized the first-ever regional Men & #metoo Conference, in partnership with Philadelphia’s Men’s Center for Growth and Change.

For more about Dr. Jenn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennpollittphd/.


L'Oréal McCollum, MSW, LSW, M.Ed.


L'Oréal is an educator, clinical social worker, community connector, and activist. She holds 15+ years experience in the industries of community health and wellness, training/education, social activism, nightlife/restaurant hospitality, public affairs, communications, and entertainment media

She is an alumna of Widener University where she completed a M.Ed./MSW program in Human Sexuality Studies and Clinical Social Work. She also holds a BS in Communication and Media Studies from Kennesaw State University.

Outside of her role with EAW, she is an adjunct instructor at Temple University, and the mid-atlantic region's Movies for Mental Health facilitator and an Our Bodies, Our Minds facilitator for Art with Impact. She also volunteers as a board director for AccessMatters and a project coordinator for 24hrphl.

For more about L'Oréal: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lorealm/.